Due diligence

We have extensive experience in performing due diligence investigations on all sorts of businesses, ranging from small companies with revenues of €20 million to large corporations whose turnover runs into billions of dollars. And from studies performed by just one or two people to full investigations conducted by large teams of internal specialists, accountants, tax experts, lawyers, pension specialists, technical advisors, investment bankers, etc. Our experience is with the financial aspects of due diligence. We are used to working in large, multidisciplinary teams.

We have also worked on both sides of the process, i.e. not just for the investigating party, but also on several occasions for the party under investigation. In short, we know what we are talking about.

We can supply you very quickly with an assessment of the quality of the financial management system, the risks pertaining to the historical figures and the robustness of the projections of your target company.

We believe that this is a field in which we rank among the very best. But in all fairness, what we can do depends to a large extent on the target company’s business. If we feel the subject matter is beyond our scope, we will tell you so.

If all you want is massive report carrying an impressive stamp, don’t go with us. However, you should really ask yourself why. One thing is certain: if you decide to use one of the big-name firms, you’ll end up paying substantially more than if you were to use Finambition.