Our 'elevator pitch'

Finambition is a young, ambitious firm of financial consultants. We may be ambitious ourselves, but our customers also have ambitions – ambitions for their financial management that Finambition can help them to achieve.

A good system of financial management pays for itself many times over. That’s our starting point. The two partners in Finambition have worked together for over 12 years on many different projects, and in many different roles, both in the Netherlands and abroad. They’ve worked at corporate level and also on the ‘shop floor’. Together we have over 40 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. Our main focus during the past ten years has been on the IT and helicopter services industry . Designing, constructing and refining companies’ financial backbones is one of our core capabilities.

We are not consultants by trade. Our business is consultancy, though. There is a difference. We design and implement solutions for our customers – solutions that really work in practice. We have worked ‘on the other side of the table’ for long enough to understand our customers’ needs. Our customers need real help: they want their problems solved and have no time for theories based on the latest management jargon. 

We take a top-down approach. We have our own conceptual framework, but we’re also highly pragmatic. We use no-nonsense methods. We share a number of important principles about how organisations should be set up and run. It is on these principles that our work is largely based. We do nothing without a comprehensive, open dialogue with our customer. We are transparent about what we do and are totally accountable for it.

We distinguish 'quick wins' from structural solutions. This is important because, ultimately, our customers must be able to move on without us. Our structural solutions are about providing the right framework and incentives, and putting the right people in the right place.

We’re familiar with many industries, but feel most at home with companies operating on a highly entrepreneurial footing in the international business-to-business arena. These are companies whose financial management is not really part of their corporate culture, thus leaving plenty of room for improvement. They are typically businesses with whom we have gained extensive experience in the past and for whom we can achieve enormous progress in a short space of time.

Our own and our associates’ personal qualities and skills complement each other. We are highly flexible as to working hours. We only recruit people who fit into our culture. As a result, our capacity is much greater than would appear at first sight. Thanks to our extensive network, we can also quickly mobilise additional capacity if needed to get the job done on time. ‘All deadlines are final’, is one of our mottos. ‘Keep it simple’ (because simple is effective) is another.

We are confident about the quality of our work and are open to discussing deferring (part of) our fee until the job has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction,  a 'money-back' deal or a ‘success fee’ structure.